Sharing program

If you’re like me and would rather give than receive, then I have a proposal for you.

To celebrate your completed transaction with me, I will donate $250 to the organization of your choice. And if you recommend me to a loved one, I will donate another $250 to a cause close to your heart at the end of the transaction.

A domino effect that will spread happiness and make this important life moment even more special.

Buy or sell = $250 donation

Recommend a future client = $500 donation

($250 to the organization of your choice and
$250 to the organization chosen by the new client)

Some local organizations

Ainsi soit-elle, Women’s Centre
Socialization between women and education

Association féminine d’éducation et d’action sociale (Afeas)

Association Marie-Reine
Support for abused women and children

Association québécoise de défense des droits
Support for seniors
Defending the cultural, economic and social rights of retired people

Autisme Montérégie
Improving quality of life for people with autism spectrum disorder and for their families

Aux sources du bassin de Chambly
Community support, food aid & family thrift store

Carrefour Familial du Richelieu
Support and education for families, parenting workshops

Centre communautaire l’Entraide Plus
Support for seniors and caregivers

Centre d’écoute Montérégie
Breaking isolation among seniors
Free and confidential listening centre for seniors to break loneliness and isolation

Entraide Maternelle du Richelieu
Telephone support for new parents. Sponsorship for breastfeeding. Breastfeeding stop with the presence of breastfeeding sponsors and a nurse.

La Corne d’abondance
Mutual aid and food education

La Maison Simonne-Monet-Chartrand
Shelter for abused women and children

Moisson Rive-Sud
Montérégie Food Bank

POSA/Source des Monts
Youth organization
Fighting social exclusion for people 35 and under

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