New regulations in force for flood zones: more than 77,000 properties affected

The government is set to introduce new regulations regarding flood zones, a measure which could affect more than 77,000 properties across the country. This initiative aims to better protect citizens and infrastructure from the growing risks of flooding, exacerbated by climate change.


Key points of the new regulations:

  • New mapping: A new map of flood zones will be issued, taking into account the frequency of floods, the intensity in relation to the depth of watercourses, as well as the impacts of climate change.
  • Properties affected: Around 2% of citizens will be affected by this new mapping, which represents more than 77,000 properties.
  • Categorization of zones: Flood zones will now be classified into four categories: low, moderate, high and very high. This classification will make it possible to better assess risks and take appropriate measures for each level of danger.
  • Need for Reform: This reform is deemed necessary due to intensifying climate change, which is increasing the frequency and severity of floods.
  • Coming into force: The new regulations are expected to come into force in 2025, giving owners and local authorities time to adapt to the new requirements.

The implementation of this new regulation for flood-prone areas is a crucial step in strengthening the resilience of communities in the face of climate risks. By categorizing flood zones and taking climate change into account, the government hopes to better protect citizens and infrastructure. Although this reform affects a significant number of properties, it is essential to anticipate and manage future environmental challenges.

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